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Intensive Kit Constructions was established in 1984 as specialist manufacturer for intensive farmers (i.e. piggeries). Since then IKC’s business has expanded into many aspects of steel construction: sheds, engineering and manufacturing. The core business is the manufacture and building of sheds so the business was renamed to IKC Sheds.

IKC – Sheds are leaders in this field. They have been established in the intensive animal production building design, construction and erection business since 1984. The business has been built on change. In this field of engineering and construction, it is essential that every conceivable factor that will improve productivity is considered and rated according to its rate of return on investment. Any product, or design change undergoes these tests, firstly by our drafting team, secondly our manufacturing team, and then it is field trialled. It is without hesitation, that once any concept or product has proven a profitable return on investment capital that it is included in our shed design, should our customers want to incorporate it into their system.

Of course all of this is backed with over 23 years of industry and manufacturing experience. In the poultry industry alone, IKC Sheds has manufactured 83 broiler sheds on 14 sites, which equates to approximately 294,000 square metres of broiler shedding. We have an impeccable record for completing projects on time, and coordinated with the arrival of the first stock. We have never missed a placement of chickens.

We take absolute pride in our workmanship, product and service to our many customers.